Chasing the Light

As I make my way through the dark forest,
With tall and distorted trees making souls quiver
And black clouds howling against the sun rays in protest,
I perceive a silhouette jumping across a dead river.
Terrified creatures protecting each other with the warmth of fur
With teary eyes they scream for help while their tongue is numb.
Defunct insects on the muddy grass lie under the fir,
And the wolf peeks from behind the tree, looking a little glum.

I regard the silhouette racing towards a glaring light:
As it approaches nearer, the glaring light flees farther apart.
Was it our fate to be dominated by darkness and fright?
Were we not allowed to see the beauty of yonder art?
I envision what would come if we were to leave the forest,
Race towards the glaring light until it stops before us
With hollow trees protruding their branches and howling in protest
We would bathe ourselves in sunlight and be joyful thus.

© living in verses



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