I am gradually becoming a better,
finer version of myself.
So much has happened since those verses,
which still torment my reveries,
Many victories, as well as provocations;
Yet there is plenty to achieve;
However gratifying it is to concede that
where once I saw fog,
now I see fragrant gleams.
Where once I felt imprisoned
within the endginess of my own flesh,
today I feel a breeze of liberation.

© living in verses

(I finally found the courage to write a sort of a reply to a previously published poem of mine, which still makes me cry a little whenever I read it. Here is the link:



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  1. Life can’t always be beautiful, but at least it can always be honest, which for some, is the start of escaping the gloom. Glad that things are looking up !

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  2. You should be proud of the way you have evolved with such courage and wisdom. One truly feels liberated when they break the shackles of their fears, doubts and misery. Ive always admired you as a writer but after reading this post and knowing about your emotional journey I’ve started to respect you more for the kind of human being that you are. Hope you always smile as big as river Nile. 🙂🙏

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